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ALMOST all of our piercings are
                     AND that includes the Jewelry !
All pictures are of
piercings performed by
Lance, here at
So you are thinking about getting a body piercing , But
you have questions .
We have taken a few minutes to help answer the most
common ones , here on our website.
All body piercings are performed with 316 LVM , nickel free , High   
polish ,implant grade Surgical steel .

All needles are single use only !

Q : Why are your piercings so cheap you may ask ?  

A: Once upon a time body jewelry was very were the first the
market increased  more demand , means more suppliers , with more suppliers comes competition ,
with competition comes lower prices . So now , 8 years since   the "' Piercing boom "
we just dont
feel that we have to Charge a crazy High prices
for a piercing .  We hope you enjoy the
operatunity to get all the piercings that you want ....... with out having to sell your body to the night
If you dont think we
can do a sterile
piercing for
5 Bucks  ,
Then just go stick it
up your NOSE !!!!!

A: Body piercing  is not  a Midevil  torture . It is a relatively painless
procedure . It is less painfull than getting your blood drawn .It is wise to
eat at least an hour before getting pierced. And try not to get yourself
all worked up over it . Just remember to breathe , stay cool Like fonzi ,
and your piercing will be surprisingly EASY.

If it
really hurt would Brittney Spears have it Done?

DONT BE A ................................
Q : What about infection ?

A : " Infection" is  VERY uncommon  , in body piercings, if you simply follow the
recommended aftercare instructions .We will explain to you, how to care for
your new piercing . Also after the piercing we will Provide written aftercare
procedures , for you to take home & follow.

We are here 7  days a week to help answer any questions that you may have .
Or please feel free to e-mail us , and we will be glad to help

SOME of the following people
 MAY have trouble caring for a new body

*  those whose parents are brother and sister  

*  have trouble putting on your socks every morning  

* only take a shower once a month

* experience difficulty wiping after visiting the bathroom
!!!! WARNING !!! this page contains  some ADULT content if you are not 18......get out ,scram , go
play playstation or something !
!!!!!!!! BRING YOUR PHOTO ID !!!!!!!!!
click here for piercing aftercare procedures