Anthony " Twon " Metz
Anthony " twon " Metz , is a very quiet , mysterious fellow . A lot remains unknown
about him . It is rumored that he is a time traveler from the Spanish inquisition .
Other sources say he has come from the dark regions of inner earth . And even
stranger is is told , he is actually an eternal soul, sired by the king of all vampires "
vlad tepes the impaler " , ( some believe this is where he acquired his proficient
accuracies as a body piercer  , and he has since modified his impaling art into
modern times ).

But much of what
is known about Mr. Metz ,is that he was a loyal Altered Image
customer . Visiting weekly for new piercings, and new knowledge of piercings.He
very rarely spoke , and if he did it was with profound wisdom.

He later attended the School of Professional Body Piercing ,in Michigan . After his
graduation , it was fabled , that he had returned to his castle in nearby hills of Illinois
. We seeked him out and lured him to work here at Altered Image . He has been
here ever since ( which was 2 years ago ).

To this day he remains quiet in nature , but his Biblical  look calms the souls of
those about to be pierced . He has thousands of piercings under his belt and is here
daily from 11am - 5 pm tues -sat and all day on mondays .

It is confirmed that his weakness ,( if ever needed to be known ) he stands helpless
against : Pizza , any homecooked meal not containing veggies , tequila, bud light ,
and goth Girls ( which by the ,way he is recently single and on the prowl )
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