Ben                           " The
Irishmen "          Conrad
What can be said about Ben Conrad , that hasn't  already been said about
Afganistan . He is a diverse character , a student at Vincennes University , an
avid social distortion fan . Ben has made a small fortune for himself as a hobbit
stunt double  and extra on the hit series " Lord of the rings " . In between the
films he studied and apprenticed for piercing under Justin " Heath " Reed . Ben
has performed piercings across the southern USA . And he has been piercing for
just over one year .

When Ben is not doing any of the above , He can be found answering the phone
and running the desk at Altered Image.

At 5 minutes to close , each & every night , Ben performs his ceremonial Irish jig
around about the interiors of Altered Image ( this is truly a sight to behold ).

He enjoys Thick , Dark lager, stout and ale beers. He guards his pot o gold
closely . So feel free to buy him a drink ! Please be careful how many that you
buy for him , for he has another hidden talent . He possesses the ability to
projectile vomit in a rainbow of vomit colors,tones and hues ! In volumes that can
not be fathomed.     
This picture was captured by
our security cameras ,
seconds before a large apelike
beast snatched poor shire
Ben  and gave him a horrible
sodomizing that causes Ben to
walk funny to this day.
Ben also has  a bizarre fetish
for the feel of denim mini-skirts
and cheap wigs