" I NAGLE " a biography
of                        a Nagle
James' love of tattoos  started as a rebellious 14 year old  boy , when he
was heavily inspired by a long time friend ( who will remain anonymous ) ,
which was tattooing at this time. James got his first tattoo by the primitive
methods  of " india ink and a sewing needle
" ( do not attempt this ever )

As time went on the anonymous friend aqquired professional equipment and
James proceeded to " stock up " on tattoos. As the amount of ink in James skin
increased, so did his desire to  himself, one day be a Tattoo artist.

The same anonymous friend later took James under his tattooed wing , and
taught james an " old school apprenticeship " ( the most brutal and best
apprenticeship in the biz , and a dieing art ). After completing many a floor
cleanings , needle baggings , drawings ,and tattoos on the most annoying
clients, and enough general bitch work to kill a marine : James Evolved into a       
" Tattoo artist ".

When James is not tattooing he can be found playing PS2 ,teaching his son the
craft of tattoo, playing guitar , working with dobermans , and hunting or fishing.

His Drink of choice is coors light , if you see him in the local bars( after hours )
he is up for drinking a free one................
James' maine coon kitten
       " teagan "
James is extremely
accurate  with all forms of
firearms ,yet should be
considered friendly unless
James has an insatiable hunger   
for the flesh of road kill
He also prefers the calcium
rich taste of doberman milk
opposed to 2 %