Maggles " Biggins"
Maggie Joined the Altered Image Crew over a year ago. She
has been doing professional body piercings since   1999 when
she was only 14 !

She had worked at some other " spot " , where she had been
brainwashed by aliens before coming to  Altered Image.

Several years later after a traumatic blunt force trauma , she
recovered her right mind , and converted to Altered Image-izm

Maggie is best described as friendly as a kitten , and as
sensitive as a clitoris .She is also a severe  hypocondriac .

But one Of the finest piercers around ! She makes getting
piercings a fun , memorable , virtually  painless experience .

She is here everyday from 5pm- close  except Mondays (
which are spent nursing her condition of the week )

Maggie can be contacted at the studio : 812-882-TATT

or at
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