Piercing aftercare
congratulations ! You have just received a a body piercing , from a skilled
,knowledgeable professional , who used NEW , sterile needles , piercing
instruments and jewelry. Now it is up to you to care for your new piercing .

   Approximate healing times
                           * Ear lobe or cartilage ( 3-4 months )
                            * Eyebrow ( 6-8 weeks )

                            * Nostril or septum (6-8 weeks )

                            * Navel or nipple ( 6-7 months )

           YOU WILL NEED:  
   * Dial anti-bacterial soap
* Ear piercing solution, or bactine

                            * Q-tips

         Clean your piercing twice a day  .It is easiest to do at the end of your daily shower.
Always wash hands before touching the piercing . Use water to soften the crusty matter
that is around the piercing, carefully wash away this matter with water and dial soap. Once
crusty matter has been removed , apply
dial soap to the jewelry and rotate the jewelry
back and forth , rinse making sure that all soap has been rinsed from the piercing. Next
ear piercing solution or Bactine on a Q-tip, to the ring. Move ring back and forth
and allow solution to remain in the piercing.

 DO NOT USE : Alcohol , Peroxide,Neosporin ,ect. these WILL ALL cause
PROBLEMS in healing !!
      DO NOT MOVE jewelry unless you are cleaning it , This is how most irritations
occur.We want you to have a great piercing experience and we will be happy to help you if
you have any questions, don't hesitate to call or e-mail us. Enjoy your new piercing.