" Dingle " Terry Booth
Allow us to introduce Dingle Terrance " trans fluid " Booth .He has been
tattooing for 5 years . 1 of which were spent working in a studio. The Dingle
was trading tattoos for " class A's " in the " Big house " for 4 years. After
brandishing  a not so deadly quart of  transmission fluid at a nearby bank . His
glory was short lived.....not but a few minutes later , he was apprehended , and
brought to the swank and luxurious  IYC penthouse.
Upon his timely release he started working at some other Spot .There he was
treated worse than he ever had been in his 4 year " stint ". Shortly sometime
after that, he was involved in a random " bicycle accident " ,( ironically Terry
never rode a bike ) .He was hurled from his " bicycle " , flying across a parking
lot , and landed eye first onto a randomly located " parking lot boulder ". After
this The Dingle stopped ridding bikes around that spot . And came to the Image
, with a new found love for his new family.

He is a chameleon of the tattoo studio , several sides of Booth exist , Most
likely his best known work of contortion is " Special Terry " . This particular Alter
ego can be seen upon request . You will be shocked and amazed . Please
make sure you have visited the restroom before asking to see this performance
, or you may likely ruin a good pair of pants !

Strong caution should be used when kneeling , straddling or bending near the
Dingle , for his penitentiary urges are still alive and strong. Do not temp the
DINGLE . Tattooing is not the only thing he learned to love in the joint !

We can not suggest a drink of choice for Terry, as it has been soooooooo very
long since he has been seen in a bar or club , that  no one remembers what he
drinks . We attribute this again to his time spent , where he learned to enjoy "
lock downs " to fulfill his love of this , he spends each and every night , after
work on " lock down " ! And there seems to be no sign of this ever changing.

Even more ironic, Terry drives a " probe" , which oddly enough requires
transmission fluid changes and maintenance . Terry now drives this car to bank
windows without the temptation to reach down into his floorboards and squeeze
off a couple quarts ,then run for the border .

As heavily muscled as he may be, Terry does have a weakness . His shoes are
particularly sensitive to ANYTHING !! He is always buying new shoes for no real
reason , and blaming it on LANCE . So since we cant recommend a drink for
him we suggest buying him shoes , as he will soon need them.

Terry is here everyday from 2 pm to close everyday but Mon. & Tues.
Terry will flex up a tattoo just for you ,       Or help you find one from our  walls
E-mail the DINGLE